Building the team.

Building a team

We were founded as a non-profit recently, and we are looking for people to assist with content.  Sharing general information, tips, guides, or other resources are much appreciated and will be fully credited and linked.  We are a public charity focused on single dads.

Are you someone who would like to donate their time or services to make a difference in the lives of others.  We are looking for sponsors (dadfathers) to help us build our program.  We are in the process of putting together a main resource center that distributes information it has gathered by working with a variety of experts.  Soon we hope to incorporate the offering grants and producing events to raise money for single dads in need.  We have a varierty of services and information models currently in development.  Partnering with businesses to provide gift certificates as donations is one of our many solutions.

The main goals are to help dads interact with and educate their children.  Make sure that fathers rights and responsibilities do not fall through the cracks.  To provide fathers with the information and resources to better themselves and their families.

Any and all ideas, questions or considerations are valued.  Help us get off the ground and helping dads in need.

Please visit us on Facebook for daily updates.


-The Dadfather

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